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"Recently I had a total right knee replacement surgery and had in-home physical therapy through CareOne.  I found both of my therapists to be caring and extremely knowledgeable.  They were kind and cared about my recovery and encouraged me to continue to work hard to gain full recovery."


-E. Glenn, April 2018 

E. Glenn

Modesto, CA

"CareOne was really super and did a great job!  The CareOne nurse was able to get my husband to do some of the exercises that I couldn't get him to do.  Really super people!"

-Wife of H.Howell, June 2018

H. Howell

Stockton, CA

"When I first started my therapy with CareOne, I could not stand or walk without my walker.  Now I'm standing and walking on my own.  This is the greatest feeling to walk again.  For this I thank CareOne very much and I'm very grateful"

D. Willadsen, February 2018

D. Willadsen

Oakdale, CA

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