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At CareOne Home Health, our experienced and highly dedicated nursing and rehabilitation team uses state of the art technology and a multidisciplinary approach to provide the highest level of home health care to our patients in the Central Valley and Bay Area regions of California. Our team works with you and your doctor to develop and manage a personalized home health plan that’s most convenient for you.

"Recently I had a total right knee replacement surgery and had in-home physical therapy through CareOne.  I found both of my therapists to be caring and extremely knowledgeable.  They were kind and cared about my recovery and encouraged me to continue to work hard to gain full recovery."

- E. Glenn, April 2018

E. Glenn, Modesto, CA

Nursing & Rehabilitation

With our Nursing & Rehabilitation Therapy services, patients can feel confident that their health concerns are being addressed in a timely manner, without sacrificing their normal daily routines. CareOne is invested in our patients’ health and well being and strive to provide the best personalized medical home care that will get them feeling better again

Care Programs

At CareOne we have implemented specialized care programs for chronic diseases and other illnesses to provide an advanced level of care to our patients. We currently have specialized programs covering CHF, COPD, Diabetes, Orthopedics and Pneumonia/Sepsis. Each program is tailored to the patients needs to help them recover and get back to their routine

Reduce Rehospitalization

At CareOne Home Health we strive to keep our patients out of the hospital and in the comfort of their own home. Our proprietary data monitoring tools allow us to better capture patient well-being so we can prevent hospital readmissions. 


CareOne Home Health partners with reliable and best-in-class telemonitoring companies to aid in the daily monitoring of our patients. Our team of clinicians is tracking our telehealth patients on a daily basis and monitoring vital signs to provide better insight into the level of care needed so our patients can stay at home and avoid unnecessary hospital visits

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